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Kaija Alila

Towards a productivity leap by networking

What are the ways in which to tackle constant change in today’s hectic world? A new ecosystem within the manufacturing industry in Tampere may have found an answer.

“Our only way to gain a competitive advantage is to combine high technology with highly skilled people. A small series production is extremely important for exports”, states Risto Kuivanen, Business Development Manager at VTT Technical Resource Centre of Finland.

VTT, together with Tampere University of Technology and selected industrial companies, has launched the Smart machines and manufacturing competence centre (SMACC). It’s aiming to give a digital boost to Finnish SMEs, who seek growth in international markets. Another aim is to gather useful knowledge for the benefit of the whole networked community.

SMACC focuses on themes, such as industrial internet or 3D printing. “Manufacturing companies acknowledge the need for the early adoption of digital technologies”, Kuivanen points out the breeding ground. “In order to achieve our goals, we need to take a productivity leap. In other words: try fast, learn fast.“

There’s no denying that the combination of research faculties and SMEs is powerful. The former provides resources for product development and research, the latter reports back with hands-on experience of how things work in real life. Besides that, all participants provide their networks to use in order to gain as good results as possible.

Kuivanen is especially delighted by the close collaboration of VTT and TUT, the two neighboring research facilities in Hervanta. “This teamwork isn’t just words on paper. It is real.”

More details about SMACC will soon be available at You are also welcome to meet the representatives of VTT at their stand at Twinkle Tampere.

Kaija Alila


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